Asparagus pie with ricotta and garlic herbs

When I say Easter, you probably think of a delicious family brunch. Salmon, devilled eggs and of course ... asparagus! However, this delicious savory spring pie can be eaten at every occasion. It tastes fresh and the garlic herb makes it a special experience. We used Meyer limes for a sweet-sour finishing touch!

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Pulled chicken tostada with chayote

A cheerful, tropical surprise from Costa Rica: chayote! A fruit that is traded by many of us. But how many of us can say that they actually ate it? And that's a shame, because chayote can be delicious! Chayote comes from the same family as melon, cucumber and zucchini and is widely used in Mexican cuisine. Combine it with a delicious mango salsa. Which of course, is made from tree ripened mangos from Peru, because they are simply the most delicious...

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A festive blini-platter

From Russia with love: blinis! These fluffy mini 'pancakes' are delicious when combined with ingredients such as fish, seafood and cheese. This week we made a 'blini-platter' with all kinds of delicious toppings. Fancy products such as citruscaviar (fingerlimes), fresh wasabi and edible flowers take this platter to a higher level!

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