Cactus quesadilla

Cactus leaves are also called nopal or nopales. Cactus leaf is widely used in Mexican cuisine. Here they use cactus leaves in salads, tacos, minced meat or with eggs and many believe in the healing power of cactus leaf. But feel free to use cactus leaf in a blender, together with orange juice; a delicious and healthy juice! Don't forget to remove the needles :-)

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Feyoa tequeños

This egg-shaped fruit is related to the guava, but the smell and taste tends to pineapple. That is why this fruit is sometimes called pineapple guava. At the base, the calyx has remained as a kind of crown.

The feyoa is often used in salads, jams and fruit cakes.

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Quercy Basil

This very special cocktail is made with puree from the Quercy melon. This IGP certified melon has an irresistibly sweet taste and soft texture. 

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