Chilean kiwi berry at BUD Holland

At BUD Holland, the Chilean kiwi berry has now started. "The Chilean season runs in the months of February and March," says Stefan Warbout. "We also import the kiwi berries from France where the season lasts from August to October. Then there is still some available in the Netherlands in October and November but then it ends in Europe."

The kiwi berry, also called Kiwai, weighs between 5 and 15 grams. In comparison: a regular kiwi weighs between 90 and 100 grams. The kiwi berries are oval in shape and as large as a grape. "The demand is very good. Especially because the product has a relatively short season, the Kiwai is very popular. This could also be due to the properties of the berry. The Kiwai is mainly rich in minerals and contains an even higher Vitamin C level than the regular kiwi," says Stefan.

BUD Holland's sales are focused on the Netherlands and the other countries in Europe. "As far as that's concerned there isn't really a difference in the amount of Kiwai that countries buy, it is reasonably balanced," says Stefan. "The product is also very suitable for the retail as we offer it in a 125 gram packaging."


BUD Holland imports huge volumes of products. Yet all orders are delivered exactly as agreed: in the right quantities and in the right type of packaging. Under climate conditions which of course meet the requirements of each individual product.


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