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    Nothing bud quality in
    exotic fruits & vegetables!

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    A huge assortment in
    exotic fruits & vegetables!

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    We provide our clients with
    the best possible service!

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    We import from more than
    70 countries worldwide!

We have really everything!

  • Aardappelen

  • Aardbei gedroogd

  • Aguaje

  • Amalfi citroen

  • Artisjokken

  • Atsina cress

  • Avocado Ready to Eat

  • Baby Ananas

  • Baby Maïs

  • Bakbanaan

  • Bamboescheut

  • Bananenblad

  • Bananenbloem

  • Bananencup

  • Basilicum

  • Bimi (babybroccoli)

  • Bloemkool Groen

  • Borage cress

  • Borettana ui

  • Boterbonen

  • Bulls blood sla

  • Cacao fruit

  • Cacao nibs

  • Cactusblad

  • Cactusvijg

  • Cantharel

  • Carambola

  • Cassave

  • Cavolo Nero

  • Chayote

  • Cherimoya

  • Chioggia biet

  • Chizaad

  • Cordifole

  • Crosne

  • Curuba

  • Dadels sloffen

  • Daikon cress

  • Feijoa

  • Gekleurde peen

  • Gele uien

  • Gerookte knoflook

  • Ghoa cress

  • Goji bes

  • Guanabana

  • Habanero

  • Hayani Dadels

  • IJskruidsla

  • Incabes

  • Jackfruit

  • Jelapino

  • Kervel

  • Knoflook streng

  • Koriander

  • Laurier

  • Lavas

  • Mangistan

  • Mango

  • Mango Nam dok mai

  • Maracuja

  • Medjoul Dadels

  • Mesclun sla

  • Meyer Lime

  • Mierikswortel

  • Mizuna sla

  • Moerbeibes

  • Morilles

  • Munt

  • Mustard cress

  • Oesterzwam

  • Oregano

  • Orri mandarijn

  • Paksoi Shanghai

  • Passiefruit

  • Peper

  • Peperoncino

  • Pepino

  • Peulen

  • Pijnboompitten

  • Pitahaya

  • Poblano peper

  • Poivrades

  • Portobello

  • Rammenas

  • Rawit

  • Red chard sla

  • Red mustard sla

  • Rocoto

  • Rode banaan

  • Rode uien

  • Rozemarijn

  • Rucola kruid

  • Rucola sla

  • Salie

  • Sechuan button

  • Sechuan cress

  • Shii-take

  • Shimeji

  • Sugar snaps

  • Tahoon cress

  • Tamarillo

  • Tatsoi

  • Tijm

  • Walnoten

  • Wasabi

  • Yam

  • Zeeboontjes

  • Zeekool Dulse

  • Zeekraal

  • Zeesla

  • Zeevaren Wakamé

  • Zeewier Nori

  • Zoete Aardappel

  • Zoete ui

  • Zwarte knoflook

High quality exotic fruit and vegetables. On the international market, BUD Holland is a leading importer of exotic fruit, exotic vegetables and specialties from all over the world. In addition to fruit and vegetables, BUD Holland offers a wide range of products, including wild and cultivated mushrooms, soft fruit, mini vegetables, sea greens, fresh herbs and niche products. BUD Holland primarily supplies to (catering) wholesalers and supermarket chains throughout Europe.

All our products meet the highest quality standards!

Quality and quality assurance are top priorities throughout the company, from the source onwards. Only certified growers who continuously produce high quality products, are selected as suppliers to BUD Holland.

BUD Holland offers more than just exotic fruit and vegetables. Wild and cultivated mushrooms, soft fruit, mini vegetables, sea greens, fresh herbs and other niche products are also supplied fresh daily. BUD Holland is continually looking for opportunities to perfect its supply programme. The product range now also permanently includes marinated tomatoes and artichokes, pine kernels, and various kinds of nuts. Almost all products are available all year round. This is made possible by our in house expertise, a worldwide supplier network and extremely efficient logistic planning.

Developments Readylicious

Developments Readylicious

BUD Holland has already started a while ago with the brand Readylicious. From the launch to the present moment Readylcious have made a tremendous growth.

Read more

New website BUD Holland

New website BUD Holland

From today BUD Holland have a new website. The website was developed in cooperation with de Plantage, de plantage is an agency that is specialized in graphic design.

Read more

Now available at BUD HOLLAND!

We have weekly offers of various products. Download the latest offers as pdf.



BUD Holland imports huge volumes of products. Yet all orders are delivered exactly as agreed: in the right quantities and in the right type of packaging. Under climate conditions which of course meet the requirements of each individual product.


Bud Holland
Transportweg 67 - 2676 LM Maasdijk
The Netherlands

T 0174-535353